ADSB Flight Tracker, a co-op of ADS-B/Mode S/MLAT feeders from around the world is the world’s largest source of unfiltered flight data.  Thanks to the worldwide community of participants, if the data is broadcast over the air, you can find it here.

Various Filters are allowing the User to show exactly the Map and Plane that he needs. Especially the Mitlitary Enthusiasts will be finding this the most important App to use.

For PC:

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2 thoughts on “ADSB Flight Tracker

    1. There is no controversial reasoning. All we do is to provide Information to the Viewers what Apps exist and what we think is working properly.
      ADSB is the Radar System that is used worldwide. All apps are using the Data provided by this network. Flightradar is even providing Equipment to build up your own Receiving Station by then sending the Signal to the Server. Just to be part of the Network.
      What is different to other Apps?
      This one does not filter Military Aircrafts.
      But more than that it is providing a mass of Filters that makes it nearly necessary to read the Manual – if there would be one.
      I hope that answers your request.

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