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Since the Beginning of the Internet there have been steady camviews from thousands of things, animals, places and nearly everything that can be filmed in any way.

The most popular cams indeed are the famous coffe machine as well as the longest running Light Bulb in the world that is hanging in a Fire Station at Livermore, CA.

So it isn’t astonishing that there are also webcams from Arports, Harbors and Trainstations already.

One of the most interesting collection is presented and operated by PTZtv. The presented Categories are as follows:

  • Seaports
  • Airports
  • Islands
  • Cities
  • Beaches
  • Animals

An extra Link shows you a map with all the clickable Camera Positions. Let’s have a Look at the Categories that are the most interesting for us:


There are only 2 steady webcams on Airports till today, but both are really interesting.

The first one is a cam at the famous Maho Beach. The cam is showing Pictures form the Princess Juliana Airport (SXM) on St. Maarten Island. Online since Fabruary 2016 the camera was out of Service for some weeks last year as a Thunderstorm destroyed a bigger Part from Airport. But as the debris was put aside and the runway was clean again the cam catched the first Airline to land after the catastrophic weather.

The second one is at Miami Airport. It slowly moves from side to side so that you can oversee the whole Airfield.

Above the camera Picture you have the choice to either Listen to the ATC (Tower Frquency) of the Airport and at Maho Beach also Music of a local Radio Stations.

The cam has a microphpne also. Therefor it is no silent Picture but you can hear the noises, the Engines and the wind (but not too much). The sound is clear as well as the Picture -even by Night.

Below the Video is a Link to activate Flightradar24 for the selected Airport as well as the Twitter-Feed of PTZtv.

Seaports and Harbors

PTZtv also provides many cams at Seaports and Harbors. Nearly all of them are in the US and the Caribics. Also here you have the possibility to choose between Music and the VHF-Frequencies to listen to their Radio. Some Cams provide a “Mic”-Choice to listen to the Noises.

Other Cams

All other cams are the same of construction. So it can be very interesting to listen and watch at the same time. Especially the New Jersey Wildlife Cam by Night shows a perfect Pic by using Infrared Light to get a good Night Vision.


Surely they also have a Premium-Area with many additional features like
Full screen viewing at the touch of a button or expand your browser to any size you prefer.

As the Service is on 24/7 it is a high cost rate. But therefor the Fees for Premium are pretty fair in our Oppinion:

2-day pass for $4  ( $2 per day )
7-day pass for $7 ( $1 per day )

1-month recurring subscription for $15 per month ( ~ $0.50 per day )

*** includes a free 1-week trial for new customers


All-in-all a very interesting Service that provides good Quality from different POI’s, mostly from the US. With fair Prices if you are willing to pay for it to have more functions available. The Advertising is only framing the Video and does not disturb the Viewing by using In-Screen-Popups or similar.

We would like to see more Airports to come, but it’s a good Base to start from.

Our Rating: TOP Service.

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