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It started with a Message via Messenger on a Saturday Evening. Ken Carr contacted us with an Info that left us interested.

“Will make a Livestream from “The Londoner” Buses – world ever first time Livestream of Buses? YES! Why not?!

The red Buses are World Famous. The world was protesting when the old Buses should be replaced. But thankfully the new ones are already accepted.

Ken, tell us a little bit about yourself:

I run Visions International Entertainment Ltd, a company that specialises in producing transport related dvds and books. We started in 2005 with railways, in 2011 we introduced buses and in 2019 we are moving into aviation.

What is the Idea behind doing a Livestream of the London Buses?

Having enjoyed the various aviation streams (BJTV, Airliners Live) I figured the idea mght work for the London bus scene. guess we are about to find out if it does.

How often do you use the Buses by yourself?

Err, no comment. But we do run bus tours in London from time to time using vintage buses.

What is so special about these Buses?

The London bus system is overseen by Transport For London. Of the approx 400 routes in London, 20% are up for contract renewal each year. This creates constant change as the operator might change or the type of bus may change. Roughly 8,000 buses are needed for London service and there is a ruling that after 14 years a bus needs to be replaced. In 2018, approx 800 new buses entered service, whilst a similar number moved on to pastures new.that

Which Spot have you chosen and why?

We have picked Romford as there is a lot of different routes and types operating in the area also, being Britain, the railway is shut. Therefore a number of extra rail replacement buses will be operating, which will add to the variety.

Will this be a one-time event or what can we expect?

No, not at all, we will look to do this once a week at locations all over London, from Marble Arch in the centre to places like Croydon right on the edge of the boundary.

Thanks Ken

Just tune in on Sunday at 11:00 am UK-time to

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