Dear People, Ladys and Gents, Caballeros é Senoritas, Mineers en Mevrouws, meine Damen und Herren, ….

I could go on like this over and over. Why? Because spotting is International. There is no Border. We don’t need no diplmacy as we all speak the same Language and the same Passion. So let us be the Blueprint for others.

I know that our Page had become quite silent over the last weeks. Thomas and me had too much to do bring you all the stuff that you deserve.

But be assured, we had organised some things in the Background. So let me just tell you what we have in progress in the Background:

A Chat – for all Enthusiasts

Yes, we will implement a chat. And it is not any chat. It is the former Flightradar24-Chat that is still alive and still filled up with Aviation-Enthusiasts.

Get in Talks with others about your passion, ask for knowledge, Informations, exchange your experiences. And share your passion with others.


We will add a plugin that will automatically show you all the Airshows that will happen over the Season. No matter if Oshkosh, Sun ‘n Fun or else. So you will always be up-to-date.


You no longer will have to search for all the latest news, or think about which channels you should follow on Instagram or Twitter to get the information which is important for you. It will all be here on your favourite Website for spotting.

More that that we will shortly receive our first professional Equipment Set. YES, WE WILL HAVE PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT!!! 🙂

And we will not have one set, we will have two. One Set for TJ and one Set for DV. So you now yould ask ‘what do they need two sets for?’. I will tell you why. It’s because we want to show how simple it is to act like a real TV station. Switching between spots, creating splitscreens, floating-text in picture and many more things. Because in the future we want to invite all Streamers to be taking Parts in Events with 2, 3 or more Cameras.

What for? Imagine an Inauguration-Flight. One Camera close to the runway following the landing. Next camera on spotting-point following it taxiing, 3rd one at the gate welcoming it. And at least maybe another camera inside the hall or terminal for the welcoming and doing Interviews. And we could switch between all those views like a real TV Station. And yes, we can!


Furthermore we have thought about something brandnew that we never had before: A Season-Opening. Soon it becomes spring and warm enough to stream without getting cold after 10 Minutes what makes it much more comfortable. How could that look like? We are thinking about one special Day where will start with one stream in in the morning (GMT, as always) and all over the day the stream is handed over to the next of your favourites. Every two hours another airport, another streamer, other perspectives, go-arounds, special liverys and what ever.

So we invite every of the Actives to get in touch with us to organise this special event for all aviation enthusiasts.

That’s it for the moment. And thanks for staying with us. So that we can bring you all your favourite stuff.

Cheers and take care of yourself and your loved ones.


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