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Boeing 737 Max

Following the horrible Crash of a Boeing 737 Max all Planes of this Type are now grounded until further Notice. The Black Boxes have been found and already arrived at Paris for futher Investigations what caused this horrible crash, the second of this Model within a half year.

Following all the Investigations Boeing has now announced that all outstanding deliveries of the Max-Series have been stopped. Boeing will be waiting for the Results of the Investigations and is in close Contact with the FAA.

Finch Aviation

After having many Tests with his new Equipment to find the best Solution Finch has now renamed his Project to “Airplane Heaven“. The old Page still exists on Facebook, but has a notice it will be closed shortly and a Link to the new Project.

We hope that he will be Live soon again when the Weather is getting warmer.

Speedbird TV

After taking a break over the Winter Time due to private Reasons, Speedbird TV announced that he will be live soon again. Most likely that will be a Stream from London City Airport.

9 Go-arounds in one Stream

Last weekend a storm over Germany was hitting all Pilots. Not only Cargospotter and HvdH-Plane-Spotter were there to watch the Pilots struggle with the strong winds. Even DV from has filmed at Düsseldorf Airport from the Roof of P7. During the Storm we broke our own Record and have seen 9 Go-arounds. Thanks to the Pilot Skills all went fine and there was no Incident.

Big Jet TV European Tour

Jerry Dyer has announced that he will follow up with the European Tour. The Rumours are saying that he will be live from Cologne Airport at next Wednesday.

What is officially announced by Big Jet TV is a new Show from Amsterdam at the End of March as part of the European Tour.

fly girl scholarship

As many of you already knwo we have a Partnership with ‘fly girl‘. We think that her Idea of giving a scholarship for their Flighttraining to become a Pilot a great Idea.

So we will soon be helping her with setting up a go fund me to raise money for her next scholarship. We hope that you all will help us to bring this to a success with a lot of money to send ofver to Natalie Kelley.

Tech-Guy back from Hispotal

Our Tech-guy, whose name shall not be announced by his own request, is back from Hospital today. So we hope that we can go on with our Projects within the next days when he will be feeling good enough again.

That’s it for the week. If you like this Format please let us know.

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