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ANA gets first A380

Airbus has delivered ANA’s very first A380. The Ceremony had been streamed live to the Internet on different Channels.

We want to excuse that it did not work out to set up a watchparty. We still have no clue what caused the Issue, but we suppose that there was a filter on the Stream that should make it impossible to stream it to other Channels.

737 Max -what we have learned this week

US Government to check FAA cause of the certification for 737 Max. Canada doing as well with their Department. They whole Certification Process shall be reviewed.

Meanwhile Air Canada has removed the Model from its schedule until at least July.

There are Reports of a Pilot from Lion Air who said that he had the same Problem the day before the Lion-Crash.

The Pilots of the Ethiopian 737 were looking through the Manual how to solve their Issue. But that special Part seems to be so long and full of possible Operations that it seems that it it was unable through the whole Process before the Plane crashed.

Experts are still investigating on the Crash and are analyzing both Recorders in Paris.

Beluga XL Nr. 2

Airbus has finished the Production of their 2nd Beluga XL. The Plane will start Operations soon. So now there will be 2 new Big Transporters to bring the Parts from Airbus’ europe-wide spreaded Production-facilities to the Final Assembly.

Starlux to order 17 A350

The Taiwanese start-up Carrier Starlux Airlines has firmed up its Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for 17 A350 Aircraft.

The order consists of five Airbus A350-900 and twelve of the larger A350-1000 and is worth about US $6 billion, according to liust prices.

Green Ground Power Unit

ITW, a Producer of Airport-Suplies, has introduced a new eGPU (GPU= Ground Power Unit) that runs only on Batteries instead with Diesel.
The eGPU is a completely independent source. It can be used anywhere. For hangar use and at remote areas.

Read the full Article here.

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