Lost Luggage Auctions

Who else has ever thought that “where does all the Luggage in the Lost& Found come from?”

I guess there are thousands of Reasons. Too much weigh in sum, so you leave on Baggage behind. Or really forgotten. I also saw once saw a Report where the Tech-Boss of the German Bobsleigh-Team had to leave the lithium batteries of his screwdriver behind when flying to the next Championship. Luckily he could leave it at the Lost&Found and could pick it up again when he came back. Because lithium batteries are not allowed in  the Hand Luggage.

From time to time many Things from the Lost&Found will be sold on an Auction. And as there was an Auction of Düsseldorf Airport yesterday I grabbed the chance and went there to see what they are selling and how that all works.

The Auction itself was happening at the Maritim Hotel at the Airport. The Airport had booked the biggest Eventroom to have enough Space.

The whole Stage was full fo Baggeges, Packages and many other Stuff. And the Auctioneer was explaining how it all works.

It all worked without Registration and the most important Thing to remember was: Every final bid had to be added with a 15% fee because the Airport had to pay for the rented Room. So I am unsure if other Auctions do it the same.

All Size of Baggages were called one after one. Sometimes the Baggages were that small that they were sold in Bundle with something else.

Sometimes it with a small Package of Shampoo (original, unpacked, who ever loses something like that) or it was an illuminated Picture of ‘Cars’ or and other Disney Production.

Also they had Boxes with a 15 or 20 Jackets. Why Boxes? Because they could not sell it seperately, it was not worth it. But in a bundle of 17 Men-Jackets it wirth to Buy.

The final bids for the baggages were between 60 and 150 Euros, depending on the Size and Quality. And the boxes with the Jackets were about 50 Euros – what is very cheap per Jacket.

But always remember: You never know what you are buying. And that is exactly what makes it exciting. Maybe you get only Clothes, maybe a Laptop or Camera inside. You´never know.

If you are interested in an Auction, just check the Internet for an Auction nearby. I can assure you that it is a big fun.


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