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ICAO Emergency Training Scenery at DUS Airport

Today I had the Chance to be Part of the Press Crowd at the 2-yearly Emergency Training Scenery at Düsseldorf Airport.

The Event should be as followed: An Airplane of Düssel-Air (non-existing Airline) heading to Faro is on Taxi to the Runway. Meanwhile a Helicopter for Photographing is taking off beside, gets in in Trouble because of a failing Tail-Rotor and is crashing on the Tail of the Dash-8 of Düssel-Air. The Helicopter comes down 20 Meters beside the Plane.

Tail of Düssel-Air, hit by the Helicopter (Fiction)

About 350 Participants making it a scenery as realistic as possible. For to make this happen and as realistic as anyhow possible they had engaged with an Acting School from essen. Why that? Because the Training was not only happening at the Apron. Even though they had Actors playing worried Family Members within the Terminal hysterically asking for Informations about their loved ones on the Plane. So the Counter Crew had to deal with as professional as possible.

Passengers collected together to oversee for Injuries (left hand of the Picture)

The Target was also to see how the Interacting between all the different Organistaions, Groups, Departments and Officials are working. About 20 different Goals had to be met at this Scenario.

They even presented their very new Rosenbauer Panther, the latest Model of Engines for Fire Departments at Big Airfields, meeting the ICAO-Standards.

Rosenbauer Panther with 12000 Liter Water-Tank

Another brandnew Vehicle is the new Rescue Stairs. They are need if there is any Kind of Incident on an Airplane that makes it needed to enter the Plane as quick as possible. Whether it is a Medical Emergency or any other Kind of Event.

Rescue Stairs for quick Access to an Airplane

After nearly an Hour on the APRON the whole Press Crowd was brought back to the Office for final Informations.

For me, having worked for the Red Cross for 11 years before, it was still an exciting Experience to see how all this works together as so many different Teams had to work together – in a scenario as realistic as anyhow possible.

Part 1
Part 2
youtube-Video HD (not mine)

If you would like to get more Informations don’t hesitate to send in your Question or make a comment below this Post. We will get back to you asap.


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