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” Planespotting with Pomfus and Mark” are well known to the Planespotting Community. But who are the two guys from Down Under that have decided to cooperate with another popular Channel, named Jet Junkies Live? We had the chance for an Interview with the two fellas, and here is what they said.

Hi Guys. Let us start by telling some things about yourselves

Pomfus: My name is Pete (AKA Pomfus), I am 37 years old.
Mark : I’m Mark and I’m 50 years old.

What is your regular Day-to-Day Job?

Pomfus : By day I work 2 jobs. I am a valet attendant at a casino in my home town and I am also a weekend radio presenter and street team member for a local radio station.
Mark: Chauffeur and Valet Driver.

What was the Trigger that made you start your own Stream?

Pomfus : It all started off when Mark and myself met at work and we discovered we shared a love for photography and aviation. Just one day out of the blue we decided to head to the airport and try to get some decent images of aircraft taking off and landing. After that I got the idea to start filming some of our adventures and they went straight to our Youtube channel.  After a while we decided to live stream to Facebook and Youtube and that is where we are at today! (This was long before we were aware of groups like Jet Junkies and Airliners Live, etc.).

What roles do you take on your Channel?

Pomfus: We both do a bit of everything. I used to do a whole bunch of photography but since buying a video camera I have come to love doing video and live streaming more. That and a love of talking (hence my job at the radio station) I feel quite comfortable in front of a microphone/camera.
Mark: I am the photographer of the group. Sometimes you will hear me behind the camera as well while Pomfus is live-streaming.

How did it come to the co-op with JET Junkies?

Pomfus: At the time Mark and myself had just started our live streaming and we were curious to see if anyone else on the internet was doing this. We stumbled across Airliners Live doing a show and from there we saw people talking about Jet Junkies. We went and liked their page and from there through sending messages we got talking to the team and the idea was formed that we should start an Australian division of Jet Junkies and that was there the partnership and co-op with them started!

Which Airports do you want to go to in the Future?

Pomfus: Being based in Australia, our home airport is Adelaide Intl. Airport. Twice a year we head over to Sydney and stay for 4-5 days and to a whole bunch of photography from there. If we can find a way to obtain a generator for a few days (to power our video and computer gear) We would love to go live from there!  As for other airports, we would love to also do Perth Intl. and Melbourne Intl. Airports.
Mark: London Heathrow, Los Angeles International Airport, Dubai International Airport, Beijing Capital International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport.

What is your favourite Livery?

Pomfus: There is 2 that stand out to me and I can’t really choose a favourite.
1) Qantas Retro Roo Boeing 737-800  (VH-XZP) based on that first introduced on Qantas’s first 747s in 1971
2) Qantas Retro Roo II Boeing 737-800 (VH-VXQ) which is from Qantas’ Boeing 707 jets from 1959 to 1961
Mark: Qantas Yam Dreaming Livery Qantas (VH-ZND) Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

What was the weirdest experience you have had while streaming?

Pomfus: Probably when we got into a small argument on-air with a fellow spotter because we were set up to broadcast infront of him and he was quite upset. (We got to the location first and he chose to set up behind us) So tough! lol

Where do you see the Aviation Industry in 10 years?

Pomfus: That’s a tough one! Who really knows! With whats happening to Boeing and the MAX8 aircraft, who knows if they will still be in existence in the future! Hopefully we have much better technology and a way to give customers more room and a cheaper price! Wouldn’t that be awesome! Lol. Time will tell I guess!
Mark: Bigger & faster and twice as many people flying.

Last question in every Interview: what is currently in your trouser pockets?

Pomfus: Nothing overly exciting. My car keys, my wallet and my phone! Just the normal things I guess! lol
Mark: Nothing, im currently naked! LOL

Thanks for the Interview, guys. (DV)

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