Airport Transfer Moscow

Watch our latest video with TJ meeting Olga from Russia at Berlin-Tegel (TXL) airport. She explains in 8 minutes how to take a cheap transfer from Moscow’s airport Vnukovo (VKO) to Domododevo (DME).

Premiere! This is our first video in the brand-new Youtube video channel of Spotting.TV ! Yeah!

Olga gives a lot of information about the airport transfer between Vnukovo VKO airport, the city centre and Domododevo DME airport in Moscow, Russia. Spotting.TV ‘s Thomas Job mets the russian girl before her takeoff with Pobeda from Berlin-Tegel TXL airport in Germany. You see how long it takes with the cheap version and what you have to pay in rubles.

Thanks to our planespotting friend Kris from PlaneWorldBerlin, who provided us with the beautiful takeoff of a Pobeda Boeing 737-800 in the sunshine over Berlin-Tegel TXL airport.

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