“Catch the Plane”

We all love games. But do you belong to a Generation who still knows what Jump ´n´ Run-Game is?

Well, the German Airport of Stuttgart has built another Jump ´n´ Run-Game, called “Catch the Plane”.

Until now, the Description is in German only. But it is as simple that you don’t need much of explanation.

Just run through the Levels, find your Passport, Money, luggage and other things, bring it to the Airport and find thze right Check-in.

But be sure to search in every Corner to fin the hidden Areas to ctach some treasures oder Extras.

RATING: We think the game is quite simple with a high fun factor. Even though the graphics are not the highest of quality, that is what makes the Retro Feeling. We love pixels.

Just check it out and leave us a comment below the POst what you think about the Game.


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