Winter is coming …

… and so filming and streaming will be less due to weather Conditions (freezing, grrrr).

Time to check out what Aviation Stuff can be done by each and every one of us inside.

What about a visit at your nearest Aviation Museum? Or fulfilling a Dream: Take over the Yoke (or Stick, depending on whether you’re an Airbus or Boeing-Fan) and fly a real Sim? Or any other Aviation related Stuff?

We want to hear you Ideas to share it with others. Post your Idea in the comment below.

You have a whole Trip Report from your latest Visit at RAF-Musem? Send it to us.

You have the best Idea where to get Aviation (related) Gadgets? Let us know. (Just remember, X-mas is coming soon)

Let’s make the best out of the Winter Season. Send us your Ideas an be an active Member of our Community. Share your Ideas and knowledge with others.

We can’t wait to read your Comments and Storys…

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