Last Frankfurt MD-11Fs are calling …

Join us at the weekend 25th January 2020.

2 terminals (a 3rd is ready by 2023), 4 runways, 94 Airlines, 306 destinations in 98 coutries, 1400 takeoffs and landings per day, 81.000 employees, 2.2 mio. t of cargo, 69,5 mio. oassengers per year and the greatest airport medical station in the world, served by 5 ambulances stationed at the Airport Frankfurt FRA.

For schedule details please go to our event page [click here].

Welcome to Frankfurt Airport, one of the most important airports in Europe, main hub to Lufthansa, and homebase of Fraport, one of the biggest airport-companies in the world. Frankfurt is famous for its big cargo section with the old 3-engine-lady McDonnell-Douglas MD11, wich will be retired one after another in 2020.

There are 4 official spots around the airport – and one unofficial (No. 5). That is the most interesting for spotters in winter-time. We are talking about the famous de-icing pad. And why is it so special? You are only a few meters away from the planes while de-icing is in progress. And, most important, there is no fence in your view. Perfect for video- and photographers as well as livestreamers.

This will be the meeting point for an event that has not happened ever before. We will bring together experts of planespotting, gathered at one place with the flexibility to move to the best viewing-places depending on weather conditions, especially temperature for de-icing, clouds and sunlight.

Whilst livestreaming we plan an interesting programme of interviews, answer question by the audience from the chat and try to give you as much action as possible. There are not so much events left, until we have to say goodbye to the last Lufthansa Cargo McDonnell Douglas MD11 freighters.

What are the advantages of a spotter meetup?!

  • we join Frankfurt with car and Minivan, so we have full flexibility to reach outer spots
  • we meet local experts with huge know how of timing the best spotting places
  • meet experts with the same mindset
  • we try to book an APRON tour at Saturday afternoon, more about this tba.
  • we cross-publish some infos, footage and videos on different channels of the participants.
  • Lufthansa will retire their MD11 freighters one after another as soon as possible. In January we have the best options to catch the very last ones.
  • If we are lucky with the weather, we have all abilities to reach easily the de-icing pad, which is more than 3km away from the main terminal and “not in best walking distance” with all the equipment…

For more information contact Daniel and Thomas via eMail contact form here or on Facebook [click here]. We created our own schedule and hope this fits perfectly for you. Check it on our eventpage [click here].

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