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After a half year without any post due to different reasons we have decided to came back with many news, reports and Interview-ideas. Meanwhile, our Community has grown – TJ has become father of a beautiful daughter.

Covid-19 has brought many chaos to the whole world, even though to the Aviation-World. Some airlines have gone bankrupt, others are rescued with a Government-Loan. Only a few could make it by their own. But the negative effects have been massive. People lost their jobs, planes are parked at the all airports worldwide, and some airlines already decided to get rid of their big airplanes or delayed the pickup of their current orders.

We were all hoping that this crisis would end as quick as it came. But that is not the fact. It more likely looks that all over the World it is growing or the countries are starting to have a second wave of higher amount of daily new infections. Many countries have named other countries as risk-areas what means that people who are coming back from these have to make a test and go into 14 day quarantine.

Until we have a vaccine that is really working, this will go on, probably until next year. Until then we will all have to wear masks in open spaces, at the grocery store and also in planes.There is no tomato-juice in planes anymore, sorry. You will only get a bottle of water.

But there is also hope. At the airport in Dubai K9’s have had training to sniff people with Covid-19. That means that you can find people with this Virus infected much more precise and faster to stop them from spreading. Furthermore they have set up a quick Test for those People. Maybe this is one of many ways to keep the Virus from spreading while travelling the World.

But since June Airtraffic has started to rise again. Even if it will still take a long time until we get back to have as many flights per Day as we had before this Pandemic, I think we are on a good way. The statistics of Eurocontrol are showing that the curve was rising, even though it is stuck a little bit at the moment.

Yes, airlines have decided to get rid of their A380’s and older 747’s in a shorter time than we all expected. But the future of flying is still exciting. What about smaller, more efficient airplanes? Will the 737 Max be back in the sky? And, a very special question in Germany, will the new Berlin Airport finally open after 12 years of building and 8 missed opening days?

The world has changed, and so the aviation world has changed as well. But this is also a chance. A chance for new goals, new technologies, new ways of travelling. We watch closely and give you our Perspective, News, Interviews and any other interesting Stuff about the Aviation World.

Until then, stay safe.

DV and TJ

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