Planespotting Highlights I. quarter 2020

In this summary we want to show the highlights of the first quarter (January, February and March) 2020, we found on websites and social media channels like Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. We will also present our list in a video in which we comment on the contributions together with our community.

January 2020

We startet the year with our preparation for the planespotter meetup at 31st of January at Frankfurt airport. Naturally this some of the highlights have something to do with this date. There are some more streams worth watching!

But let´s start with the guys from Aviacao.TV. They catched the brandnew TAP Portugal A330neo at Lisbon Airport at Minute 47:40

Airliner´s Live catched the first departure of the Etihad Greenliner at Manchester Airport at January, 25th:
If you like an explanation, have a look into the Airliners Live “Greenliner explained…”-Show by Martin, Andy and Charlie here:

Planespotter Meetup Frankfurt 24. / 25. January 2020

See our livestream on the Planemania.TV Facebook Page with Oman Air A330 at Minute 15:03

Ken & Sarah from Visions Aviation had the same great position and filmed this Singapore Airlines A380 taking of from runway 18 at 26:36 – As a special surprise two Lufthansa Queens at the end of the stream: Boeing 747-8 and Boeing 747-400

One of our personal highlights was the night-spotting action on Friday evening. We saw a departing Lufthansa Cargo MacDonnell Douglas MD11 and a DHL A300 freighter on runway 18, Startbahn West, broadcasted on the Planemania.TV Facebook page here:

February 2020

Right at the beginning of this month we had an interesting 3-airport visit to Hamburg at February, 2nd. This included a trip to Hamburg Finkenwerder, to Hamburg International HAM and to the Knuffingen Airport in Miniature Wunderland.

My first stop was at the HAM International Airport, where Spotting.TV broadcasted for Planemania.TV. One of the highlights was the TAROM 60years retro livery Boeing 737 landing and taxiing right in front of us at 01:37:20 :

Check Spotting TV´s shipspotting adventure on a top position at Hamburg harbour on the same day:

One of the Finkenwerder highlights Thomas filmed was the rejected Takeoff by Air Canada Airbus A321 Neo at the Airbus factory airport:

Early in February Jerry (Big Jet TV) visited Lisbon, Portugal and met the guys from Aviacao.TV. They catched him streaming live in their stream at Minute 16:35:

Big Jet TV produced a 52 minute highlight show of Storm Ciara (which was called Orkan Sabine in Germany) with 20+ Go-Arounds on February, 7th 2020:
One of my favourites ist the British Airways Boeing 777 Go-Around at Minute 30:00.

On February, 15th UK was hit by Storm Dennis. We saw a lot of footage and live streams around this occasion. As example we want show you Speedbird.TV with his British Airways Boeing 747 catch:

March 2020

In March we saw planespotting live from Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport for the first time by the channel “World Aviation 4K“, which is renamed later in the year into “Full Flights and Airports HD“. The livestreamer spend several days at one of the busiest airports in the world. In this video on Youtube we can see an aborted takeoff of a Delta Boeing 737:

We discovered an aviation live streaming channel from Japan on Youtube, called “J-Sky“. There are no english live comments, but great footage from airports like Tokyo Haneda and Narita, Taiwan Taipeh, Fukuoka in Japan an many more. Watch this typical japanese good-bye-waves by airport-staff here:

On March, 15th Speedbird TV brings us the beauty of London City Airport LCY with these 2 Swiss Airbus A220 taking off from the runway in the evening light:

What next?!

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