Planespotting Highlights 2. quarter 2020

In our second summary of the planespotting year we want to show the highlights of the 2. quarter (April, May & June) 2020, we found on websites and social media channels like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or Instagram.

April 2020

In April the biggest aircraft of the world, the Antonov AN225 was active again. So we got a lot of interesting postproduction videos. Check this on the Twitter Channel Antonov Company twitter channel

Found in April (from March) at Youtube Channel Video Express Japan: Boeing 737 takeoff with blue cabin light at Osaka Itami ITM airport. In Japan cabin light is not switched off during takeoff:

To get am impressions, what´s all about Osaka Itami airport we recommend this inflight video of the japanese livestreamer J-Sky landing at ITM airport, watch on Youtube:

Mai 2020

To thank all frontline workers at the beginning of the Pandemic LiveAirshowTV published this Dallas / Fort Worth flyover of U.S. Navy Blue Angels at May 6th:

The first show of Big Jet TV after COVID-19 lockdown 1 brought us this highlight footage of Cathay Pacific Cargo Boeing 747 hard landing at London Heathrow´s south runway 27L, seen from “the Paddock” next to Myrtle Avenue spotters heaven:

Airliners Live showed us the PIA Pakistan International Boeing 777-200 Retro 1960s livery with Registry AP-BMG at Manchester Airport:
(first flight May 2005, a rare guest in european airspace)

Visions Aviation Live: On 29th May Ken catched at Stansted Airport near London the Geo-Sky’s 4L-GEN Boeing 747-200 freighter:

June 2020

Airliners Live was witness of the last ever Virgin Atlantic Millennium Falcon Boeing 747 departure from Manchester airport:

Ken of Visions Aviation Live was at Mildenhall Airbase, UK on 20th of June 2020. He catched USAF KC-10s, KC135s, Hercules and Ospreys. I want to point out this DC10 spoolup. Absolute terrific, because this military aircraft type was used as 3-engine passenger jets in the 1980ies and 90ies:

What next?!

Thank you!!

Planespotters Thomas Job & Daniel Vogt

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