Our attitude during Coronavirus crisis

This assessment is based on the findings from January 2021. The Spotting.TV team believes it is important that we be clear about how we are dealing with the Corona-crisis. Unfortunately, the scientific findings in the pandemic change with its course. That is why we recommend an adapted behavior. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that we overcome the pandemic as quickly as possible and that we can soon resume our work in the airline and travel industry and our hobbies. Safety and health come first!

Our assessment & recommendations

The pandemic is rampant in different countries. Every country has its own concept and a successful or less successful implementation. Ultimately, we have a very similar situation in all countries; the health care situation is usually just in a different phase. This results in very similar findings worldwide on which our behavior should be based.

The following points concern our behavior in public, the support of planespotters (especially livestreams) and planned meetings in the future:

  • Follow the recommendations of your country, state, county, or city government and health authorities.
  • Maintain distances and take protective measures such as medical mouth / nose protection (FFP2), hand disinfection, ventilation, encounters only outside and with as few people as possible.
  • Assess the risk of unnecessary stress on your local health system yourself and then decide whether it is better to avoid unnecessary journeys by car, public transport, rail and plane.
  • Get vaccinated as soon as possible. Make sure that despite vaccination, you do not become a risk for the general public, e.g. if immunized people can still pass the virus on.
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Contrary to the original assumptions, the pandemic will affect our everyday lives for a very long time and much more intensively. We are particularly affiliated with the transport and aviation industry and therefore we support all meaningful efforts to recover this important branch of the economy.

Should planespotting / live streaming be possible again in certain countries or regions, Spotting.TV supports with comments, likes and shares as far as we are able.

For our own planespotter-meeting in July 2021, a situation assessment will take place approx. 1 month in advance and the meeting, if necessary will be canceled if the journey and a meeting of several people at one place seems too risky. The motto is, safety first and as few risks as possible should be taken.

The development continues and we have to react flexibly to this. With the appearance of virus mutations and the increased vaccination rate, there will be further changes and new assessments of the situation. We will publish further updates on our website Spotting.TV and on our social media channels.

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