Code of conduct


The focus of Spotting.TV is to connect a worldwide community of enthusiasts who enjoy plane, ship and trainspotting. We are pleased to see this hobby bringing together a worldwide audience of like-minded people. Our aim is to spread the word and to introduce this fascinating pastime to a wider audience across the globe.

We have chosen English as the common language so that we can promote worldwide networking and facilitate communication and understanding between our members. We have set out specific guidelines for our website, Facebook and YouTube channels which will be closely monitored by our team of moderators. Should any problems or ambiguities arise they will act accordingly on behalf of Spotting.TV.

At Spotting.TV we actively encourage our members to participate in discussing a wide range of topics. We expect our members to share views in a way that will be mutually beneficial to all. It is important to us that all conversation is carried out in an appropriate manner relevant to the discussion.
Our moderators will determine how closely these guidelines are set and ensure that they are adhered to.
Our main intention is to support as many spotters as possible in a respectful and helpful way. We would ask that our members respect and support each other too.

General topics:

In accordance with laws that are in force and are already being implemented in the European Union it is important to recognise that clear boundaries must be set and we would ask that you pay special attention to the following:

  • We do not tolerate activities that glorify violence, are derogatory in terms of age, gender, religion, physical or mental disability, ethnicity or sexual orientation.
  • We condemn and do not tolerate harassment, slander and unproven fabrication.
  • Copyright is very important to us. We ask that each member complies with copyright rules correctly and, if necessary, reports any infringement of copyright to the team.
  • As far as possible, we ensure that the personal rights of each member and those of depicted persons are respected.
  • Child and youth protection is very important to us, so we ask you not to use inappropriate language and to ensure that the protection of minors is not compromised in any way.
  • please note that we ask you to read our rules carefully and be aware that we will not tolerate malicious gossip or posting. We will delete these posts and comments. Be respectful of each other – let’s make this a fun community.

Protection of the Environment

We are aware that almost no means of transport can be manufactured or operated without impacting the environment. We support ideas, initiatives, laws and legislative proposals that lead to better environmental protection in line with our mobility needs. We specifically support proposals that contribute to reducing noise, reducing emissions and using renewable energies.

Sensationalism, Accidents and Disasters

Spotting.TV firmly opposes the preconception that spotters have a tendency towards sensationalism. However, if you do take videos or photographs in the event of an accident or disaster, always remember “Safety First”. It is extremely important to ensure your own safety and that of others. If you are unable to help then please call the emergency services and inform the authorities immediately.

We are strongly against the posting of video, photographic and sound material regarding accident scenes and will delete them, if necessary. We ask that you do not publish such sensitive material through our channels. We ask that you cancel live broadcasts in the event of an accident and we reserve the right to cancel the transmission from our site at any time.

We refuse to sell footage of accidents and disasters to the media and ask that such material be promptly handed over to the relevant authorities for purposes of accident investigation.
We promote research and documentation of accident proceedings so that similar events can be avoided in the future. We ask all members to refrain from speculation, until the findings of the cause of the accident are finally published by public or independent investigative teams.

We ask you to respect all those involved in accidents, their families and friends. Please refrain from excessive use of emergency notifications – such as Squawk 7700.

This code of conduct is translated by Julia Élís Nolan. Thanks for your help, Julia, to express our german words in english. This is very important for us.