Planespotters (livestream)

Here is an overview of the most active and best known planespotters. Have a look and sort by yourself. The sequence is random and you can set your own filters. If any Streamer or Platform is missing please contact us.

LogoChannel LinkInfo / frequencyComment by
Big Jet TV2x weeklyoriginated as JetScopeJerry on Periscope.
Jet Junkies1-2 monthlyDifferent Streams from the UK and the world
Live Airshow TV6x yearlyUSA
Speedbird TV1-2 monthlynew from LHR, LCY
Airplane Heaven (former Finch Aviation)1x weeklynew from LHR
Inflight Video1x weeklyspecialized in inflight postproduction, surrounded by more & more airport live-streams from all over the world
Haydns Aviation MediaHaydns Aviation Media1-2x monthlyEDI, MAN
Worldaviation 4K6x yearlyno schedule, from LHR, TPE, HND, HKG and others
Ger LingusGer Dooley aka "Ger Lingus"6x yearlyDUB, LHR, LGW, MAN
AirplaneAir Plane1x monthlyBUD
MUC SpotterMUC SpotterMostly youtube-VideosMUC